Palermo King Mattress Memory Foam Green Tea Infused CertiPUR Approved


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Features:You’ll feel like a queen or king with Palermo’s comfy memory foam queen mattress. With six inches of body-conforming memory foam, you’ll think your bed was custom made for your exact dimensions. The magic comes in the memory foam. Super-sensitive to changes in temperature, the foam gives as it senses the head of your body, allowing it to mould to every curve. Its full-support, high-density foam base layer makes this mattress extraordinarily durable, making your custom comfort last for years. The foam bears the CertiPUR US seal of approval, assuring you of its durability, quality, performance, and low indoor emissions.With two lush layers of foam, you’ll be cradled in comfort. 1.5 inches of cushy memory foam team up with 4.5 inches of sturdy high-density base support foam. But instead of the petroleum products that make up most foam mattresses, this mattress substitutes natural plant oil, an infusion of natural green tea extract, keeping your bed as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory.Green tea’s antioxidant properties work day and night to keep you feeling fresh and clean every night when you go to bed. You’ll wake refreshed—ready to take on the worldOnce you try it, you’ll see how it fits you perfectly, no matter how much you change your sleeping position—whether you are in a scrunched-up but cosy fetal position, all sprawled out, or flat on your back.One thing’s for sure; after you’ve slept in it once, you’ll be spoiled for life. This foam mattress will give you the cosiest, comfiest sleep ever. Like one of our customers, you’ll say, ‘I’ve never slept so well!’ Pamper yourself with a good night’s sleep for a change.Specifications:Size: KingAustralian KING Size Mattress Dimensions: 183 x 203cm (approximately)Mattress Height: 15.25cm (approximately)Material (mattress): Memory foam, comfort foam, airflow high-density foam, airflow high-density base support foam with an infusion of natural green tea extract for freshnessMaterial (cover): Knitted jacquardWeight: 17kg (approximately)Firmness: MediumRelieves pressureConforms to every curve of your bodyMattress comes compressed and rolled; will take 48-72 hours to expand to its full dimensions, but cold weather can slow down the decompression processPackage Content:1 x Palermo King Mattress Memory Foam Green Tea Infused CertiPUR Approved


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