Palermo Queen Mattress 30cm Memory Foam Green Tea Infused CertiPUR Approved


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Features:Take your mind off the worries of the day with this luxurious green tea memory foam mattress from Palermo. With the body-conforming comfort of memory foam and pressure-relieving comfort foam, you’ll think that this queen-sized bed was crafted just for you. Its airflow high-density foam layers keep the comfort coming for years with incredible durability. And—on top, knitted jacquard fabric that feels oh-so-soft underneath the sheets.That’s not all. Inside the memory foam, an infusion of natural green tea extract keeps your bed as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory. Green tea’s antioxidant properties work day and night to keep you feeling fresh and clean every night when you go to bed. You’ll wake refreshed—ready to take on the world.With pressure-relieving support and the relaxing power of green tea, you’ll enjoy a great night’s sleep, no matter how your day went. Three inches of memory foam, two inches of comfort foam, and 3.5 inches of airflow high-density mattress base support foam keep you wrapped in comfort all night long. The foam itself earned the CertiPUR US seal of approval for low indoor emissions, durability, and performance. Don’t spend another night tossing and turning when you can have a perfect night’s sleep every night of the year. With the custom fit that only memory and comfort foam can give you, you’ll sleep like a queen—or king! Order yours today.Specifications:Size: QueenAustralian QUEEN Size Mattress Dimensions: 153 x 203cm (approximately)Mattress Height: 30cm (approximately)Material (mattress): Memory foam, comfort foam, airflow high-density foam, airflow high-density base support foam with an infusion of natural green tea extract for freshnessMaterial (cover): Knitted jacquardWeight: 30kg (approximately)Firmness: MediumRelieves pressureConforms to every curve of your bodyMattress comes compressed and rolled; will take 48-72 hours to expand to its full dimensions, but cold weather can slow down the decompression processPackage Content:1 x Palermo King Single Mattress 30cm Memory Foam Green Tea Infused CertiPUR Approved


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